Contracts – Negotiation, Drafting and Review

Helping individuals and small businesses

To best protect yourself and your business, contracts must be carefully negotiated, drafted and reviewed.

Contracts are often filled with terms and provisions that are confusing and hard to understand. As a result, many people sign agreements without fully realizing what they’ve committed to. This can be an aggravating and costly mistake.

I can help you go through the terms and explain them in detail so you know what you’re looking at. Making sure that each party’s duties, obligations and benefits are clearly set forth allows the transaction to run more smoothly and reduces the risk of potential litigation.

I can also help small businesses and contractors create well-crafted proposal and contract forms designed to protect your interests. Or, I can review your existing materials to see if they can be improved. This not only gives you the benefit of clear, straight-forward language your customers can understand, but greater confidence the document will “stand up” in the event of a dispute.

Having someone on your side draft understandable provisions tailored to meet your particular needs and protect your interests reduces stress, gives you peace of mind, and can benefit your bottom line.

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